The combination, carhop, and chairman - Brenda Ross Null

Posing for official pic.   

Cherie Miller Kennamer, Skip, Nancy Camplen Sullivan, Diane Byram Haley, Bill Sullivan

Earl's BACK!

( Hale in Pink) , Judy Robbins Haller, Gaynier twins  - working on tango pair 


Gary Norman, Jill Eaton

Foster Girls - Nancy McFarland Ragle, Lexann James Dodson,   Roger Deane Chambers O'Dell, Pam McKinney Boyd,Judy Roberts Nebrig, Sharon Matthews Pappas, Myra Jeffrey Amendt

Kay Wehner Bennett, Husband, Sharon Matthews Pappas, Maggie Mitchell Jordan

Ann Ray Welch gets some jaw-dropping scoop from Sharon Matthews Pappas 


Maggie Mitchell Jordan, Judy Roberts Nebrig, Rick Owen

Sharon Matthews Pappas, Rick Owen, Judy Roberts Nebrig

Jim Haller, Maggie Mitchell Jordan, Don Ford

Rick Cofer (and daughter? - just kidding, Rick -)

Decorations Crew - Skip, Cherie, Myra, Carol, Diane - Thanks!

Diane Byram Haley and Judge Darlene Alford Whitten

Don Ford, Billy Perry, Steve Brooks, Carol Busaker Edwards, Patty Brooks

Don Ford, Sharon Matthews Pappas, Bob Simonsen

Judy Roberts Nebrig, Don Ford, Brenda Ross Null, Vince (the Pink) Valiant.

Bill Lowerre, Bob Simonsen

Mike Finigan (Am I the only one eating?)

The Brunch Bunch

Joyce Lambright Robertson, Barbara Crawford Salter sharing the view from the 17th Floor Park Cities Club in Preston Center

David Hewes, Lila Deis Lawby, Genie Ross Lyons